Friday, November 11, 2011

A new beginning: the SOTE Prologue

Another small update to show some images from the new SOTE Prologue, the intro sequence coded in Multimedia Fusion which opens the game. It's a very powerful scene from The Empire strikes back, and a very popular one, only seen from another point of view and in the presence of a new witness, the crimelord Prince Xizor. Those familiar with the SOTE novelization will recall that as the prologue chapter of the novel itself, in which Xizor discovers the relationship between Vader and Luke and plots to destroy Vader killing his son, at the same time making him fall from the Emperor's grace. Nonetheless, there's a difference with the prologue written by Steve Perry for the novel: the lines of both the Emperor and Vader have been updated to match the new dialogue of the 2004 DVD edition of TESB, which back in 1996 probably was only in Lucas' mind.

The scene, as some others that will appear in SOTE, is not an avi/mpeg/flv/etc. movie cutscene externally loaded but a series of events coded into the program, so everything happens in realtime. A funny example is that the thick airspeeder traffic in the skies of Coruscant is controlled by a bunch of code lines that generate every time different vehicles. Every time you launch the game something different will happen in the sky lanes!


  1. And so, many people will fall in love with this game, and its themes while playing it!

    The main protagonist Dash Rendar (A very long page at also with a list of his appearances in stories) is also to come in a new novel due out this month,

    This one is cool - it displays all the comics/books that Dash has been in. Might be useful for you to find the image sources there to put into your game.

  2. Please please PLEASE reconsider using the original Emperor dialogue rather than the new needlessly expository dialogue of the DVD release. The new dialogue is totally unnecessary and just shows Lucas' contempt for his audience having to spell everything out like we're simpletons.

    But it's clear from the new Blu Ray changes that Lucas has totally lost his mind.

    As a purist of the OT, I'd much prefer you base it on Adywan's upcoming version of the Empire Strikes Back. If you haven't heard of Adywan, you need to.

    He's returned the dialogue (mostly) to the original words (with the exception of "Young Skywalker" instead of "Luke Skywalker" and replaced the HORRIBLE 'Halloween Mask' Palpatine with how he looks in ROTJ with some clever masking.

    Watch the following clip, and I challenge you not to fall in love with this approach. It will add continuity with his appearance in the OT, NOT the PT:

    Anything to do with the PT along with the changes that have butchered the OT should be disregarded in my opinion.....

    I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts on this. :-)

  3. I know the work of Adywan and I'm eager to see it. Lucas has lost his touch indeed, we all know that truth. I'm not exactly a purist, I've learned to accept many of the changes, though some wll never grow on me (ANH:Han/Greedo, ROTJ:the added "NOOooo"). The Palpatine "Halloween mask" is terrible, once again a make-up FAIL, as the original rubbery Ep1 Yoda (this time the CGI changes are welcome!). And it's so horrible, so rubbery, so bloated that I haven't used it in another scene. As Adywan, I've used the original Emperor face as hologram.
    Coming to your request of changing the dialogue back to the original version... well, I'll think about it. It could be better.

  4. You replied to me on my birthday. That's a clear sign you should indulge my request ;-)

    I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you. It's you're game after all :-)

  5. In addition, you're making a game based on the novel, not the films. I don't think you should compromise on the dialogue just to achieve continuity with George's latest bowel movement of a "special edition" which has made the dialogue IN PRINT in Shadows of the Empire obsolete. Clever Lucas.

    I'd make this game with the mindset that the dialogue in print; which is the same dialogue as it was in 1980, and the same dialogue as we'll have with Adywan's edit, is the "canon" version. It certainly is for me.

    Adywan's version is the only one I will watch personally, now that Lucas has lost his mind.

  6. Wow, it's just looking at that powerful image of Darth Vader and starting to dream of speeders, lightsabers and stormtroopers.

  7. Great to hear this project is still on track but very saddened to hear you're altering the dialog to match the SE. I pray you don't alter it any further. =(

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