Tech Demo 2005 Best Demo Award

SOTE Tech Demo, winner of the
"Best Demo" AGS Award 2005

The first attempt we made to create SOTE was back in 2004, when we used Chris Jones' Adventure Game Studio to create a game engine. The result was a mini-game featuring Luke and R2-D2 aimed to show the power of the tool and our creativity. It was an homage to various classic adventures (Monkey Island and many many others: try to identify all the quotes if you can!).

For installation info or other troubles, check the README ;)
Tech Demo 1.1 (english/italian/german)
(also on eMule / edonkey, clicking here)
previous versions:
Tech Demo 1.0
(also on eMule / edonkey, clicking here)

Recently our former member Gnupick released on YouTube a hilarious but very detailed audio comment for the entire video 'longplay' of the Tech Demo. Below you can see and listen to it (it's in Italian only):

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