Friday, August 03, 2012

The old playable Prologue

Here's a little teaser of what you can expect in terms of gameplay and pace. The video below doesn't show the new engine we're working at, but the OLD one, it's the old Prologue of Part I, Hunting the Hunter, back from 2008. As you can see the resolution was still 640x480 and it was programmed with Adventure Game Studio. Now it's getting bigger and better, but the pace and the feeling remain the same.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Scripting the future of SOTE

Time for a crucial update. At last, all the main features of the new MMF-built engine have been completed and I've created a custom script editor to parse and execute lines of code, based on an original syntax. The editor helps to write events with code coloring, shortcuts to directly insert strings of code and a lot of wordprocessing features. The final code is converted to plain text and interpreted by the game engine to execute actions. I use a MMF List object as script container, which loads the external script file reading it line after line, and every line is tokenizen by the String Parser with the underscore "_" as a delimeter, a character that will never show up in dialogue phrases. So the final syntax is as follows:  
Character_say_ENG_I'm not going to pick up that thing!_ITA_Non ci penso a raccogliere quella roba! 
Character_say_ENG_Maybe I can use one of my objects..._ITA_Forse potrei usare uno dei miei oggetti... 
This is a screenshot of the custom script editor with some demential random test phrases:
(No. SOTE will be occasionally funny in the best point&click adventure tradition, but not stupid)

Someone said this is becoming the Duke Nukem Forever of the adventures, and maybe that's true. But remember I'm not paid to make it and I'm alone. Nonetheless, the actual scripting may at last start officially. This is SOTE's year zero.