Friday, November 11, 2011

A new beginning: the SOTE Prologue

Another small update to show some images from the new SOTE Prologue, the intro sequence coded in Multimedia Fusion which opens the game. It's a very powerful scene from The Empire strikes back, and a very popular one, only seen from another point of view and in the presence of a new witness, the crimelord Prince Xizor. Those familiar with the SOTE novelization will recall that as the prologue chapter of the novel itself, in which Xizor discovers the relationship between Vader and Luke and plots to destroy Vader killing his son, at the same time making him fall from the Emperor's grace. Nonetheless, there's a difference with the prologue written by Steve Perry for the novel: the lines of both the Emperor and Vader have been updated to match the new dialogue of the 2004 DVD edition of TESB, which back in 1996 probably was only in Lucas' mind.

The scene, as some others that will appear in SOTE, is not an avi/mpeg/flv/etc. movie cutscene externally loaded but a series of events coded into the program, so everything happens in realtime. A funny example is that the thick airspeeder traffic in the skies of Coruscant is controlled by a bunch of code lines that generate every time different vehicles. Every time you launch the game something different will happen in the sky lanes!