Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Save engine is complete

Just a short update to point out the completion of the save/load engine.
A new feature the old SOTE didn't have -as well as many other graphic adventures- has been added: the autosave. Its usefulness is evident, you don't have to worry about losing your progresses in case the system hangs up, while you still can save the game every time you need to go back to a particular story point.
No pre-defined checkpoints, just a quick autosave every time you enter a game room or every 10 minutes you stay in a room AND you're not idle having a coffee...


  1. * Hello, this place feels pretty lonely now, but I was gonna post something here, so here goes...

    Whoa, cool! Did you make that yourself, or was it supported by the Multimedia Fusion 2 tool?

  2. Multimedia Fusion is a tool that lets you do everything but you must code it from scratch. It's not a native graphic adventure engine, so I had to create everything for it, and the autosave feature certainly isn't the hardest part!

  3. Ah, no wonder it has been taking you those many months to add many things to your own custom engine within the tool!