Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scaling up and widening the good old stuff

Just a little update to show the results of the process of scaling up and widening our backgrounds from 640*480 to 1280*720. Here you can see the Ord Mantell landing point where Dash Rendar's Outrider waits, 'parked' in the immense space junkyard.

It's a matter of adding detail to an upscaled image (only rarely it's been recreated from scratch), redesigning parts of it and adding scenery to fit the widescreen aspect ratio, which forces us to show more of each location.


  1. First! Yeah!

    Now you've shown us a big part of why this conversion process of the current game data from the old AGS engine to this fancy Multimedia Fusion engine is taking so long. Good one.

  2. Looking incredible! Really looking forward to seeing the final product!


  3. I REALLY can't see the time to see it!!!