Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A new GUI

Upscaling the game to the shiny 1280*720 had a cost that became evident very soon: the GUI (Graphic User Interface, for the anti-nerds), designed for the 640*480, couldn't be used any longer. So, instead of trying to stretch it, basically doublesizing it (you can figure out the awful result we would had got) I've taken a more radical approach.

I've redesigned it completely, taking advantage from the higher resolution to get better graphics and even some additional functions. One in particular -the map- was conceived years ago but never actually inserted into the game. It's meant to help the player to keep track of visited places and possibly to let you teleport there skipping long walks.


  1. Congratulations for your choice of porting the game in hi-res with improvements and for your new blog.
    Bye and go for the best (that is: "ad majora").

  2. Hi. Just to be one of the first users to comment on your new fancy blog (Love the background screenshot! Wondering if it'll actually be in the game - ooh.. would be so cool!).

    I think the new GUI looks ok, but probably suits Dash Rendar's mercenary style and resourcefulness well.

  3. I was wondering, will you be posting all of your old screenshots to this new blog?

  4. Possibly. 120 rooms were actually created in the old AGS engine and over 40 of them were completed. All of that stuff will be resued now with the new engine.